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Home Safety Products for Seniors

Every person deserves to be safe in their home.  Seniors find there are more safety issues due to lessened mobility, vision, and hearing.  There are many products on the market that can improve home safety for seniors living at home with or without a caregiver.

  • Heat Regulating Shower-head:  Some of these shower-heads attach to your shower like a normal shower-head.  The attachment reduces the flow of water if it detects high temperature.  When the water is cooled, the flow rate resumes. There are two types – shower-head or in-line (between the pipe and head).
  • Medication Timing Watch:  Medication is a fact of life for most seniors. Many need to be taken at different times, with food, without food, or multiple times a day.  A watch with a programmable timer can help an elderly loved one from missing important medication.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector:  Carbon monoxide is a silent but deadly killer that does not discriminate.  Young and old alike can be killed by never knowing there is a carbon monoxide threat in their home.  It has no odor or taste, but can be detected by a carbon monoxide detector. If you own any appliance that can create carbon monoxide these are invaluable.
  •  Smoke Detector for the Hearing Impaired:  Smoke detectors save thousands of lives every year. They emit a high pitched wail that will wake people if smoke is detected.  However, the hearing impaired face a double threat from fire when sleeping because they are unable to hear the typical smoke detector.  There are smoke detectors that emit light in bright flashes to notify or wake someone with hearing loss.  Some can be wired to lighting to turn the whole room light on and off.
  •  Grabber/Reacher:  A grabber or reacher allows anyone that has trouble lifting their arms high, bending down, or is unable to climb a step to reach an item to ‘grab’ it. The product comes in different lengths and is very popular.
  •  Handles:  Handles are very important for mobility assistance.  Handles can be installed in showers, by toilets, by steps and stairs, almost anywhere that balance can be compromised.  Handles are helpful for every household, not just seniors.
  •  Walk-In Tub:  Tubs that have doors with rubber seals to keep water in are wonderful for people that have been unable to take a tub bath for fear of falling.  The tubs have a built in seat, and a locking, sealed door to hold water while the tub fills.  A person enters the tub, locks the door, sits, and turns on the water.  Bathing is much safer with a walk-in tub for people who are unable to safely step over the side of a traditional tub.
  • Non-Skid Mats:  Non-skid mats can be placed anywhere that a slip could happen.  In the kitchen, in the bathroom, and by entrances.  There are many different styles to choose from, including padded.
  •  Raised Toilet Seat:  Raised toilet seats prevent accidental falls when a disable person loses their balance to reach a typical low toilet.  There are different styles from a seat that sits on top of the bowl to a version that sits over the toilet, on legs and with arm-rests.
  •  Personal Alarm:  Personal alarms are important for seniors that live in areas that can be unsafe or if they live alone, but close to neighbors. The alarm has a pull-tab that will cause the alarm to emit a very loud screech.  This alerts anyone nearby that someone is in need.

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